Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Eye Glass Lariat

I started out making Eye Glass Lariats as return gifts for my 60th birthday .... a couple, a hemmm, a couple of years ago. :-)

I knew that my friends would be getting me gifts, so I made an individual mini-sized chocolate cake for each person (about the size of a large US muffin), I made eye glass lariat for all and I found some pure, 100% olive oil soap for each person.

This lariat is for that time.


Detail showing bead on bead weaving 

You can see the large drop beads used as accents.

Ribbon Pendant Necklace

This necklace uses Swarovski Pearls and cubic zirconia stones for a very delicate effect. I really like the ball chain.

African Brass Bead Necklace

This Lariat Style Necklace goes with the previously posted bracelet. I have also used wooden beads for an interesting effect. I love wearing this necklace. It is light in both meanings of the word.

Detail showing wooden and drop glass beads.

3 kinds of wooden beads, square, half moon, round

African Brass Beads in Daisy Stitch

Early Work - Brass Daisy Stitch Bracelet

Daisy Stitch bracelet using African Brass hand made beads. It loops two times around my wrist. I just love wearing this.

Detail of daisy stitch flowers. See the small brass beads.

Leather Charm Bracelet

This is a leather charm bracelet. It was a kit, but I made extra charms to go with it, basically I made the leather pieces and the red bead composite pieces.

Leather cord wrapped together with a button clasp.

Detail showing tiny red  & leather charms I added.

Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant

I used 26 2mm cubic zirconia beads and 8 3mm and 8 4mm cubic zirconia beads. Talk about TINY!
I am going to take the chain I started off and add loops to both sides. Then I can get a small chain and wear it around my neck!

Cubic zirconia heart

Detail showing small size


Here is another critter. A crocodile with a pink tongue! He is a bit hard to see because he is so GREEN. But he has 4 legs, a tail and a croc mouth!

You can sort of see his pink tongue

Detail of back

Swimming Girl

Here is a Critter made by weaving tiny beads around 6mm or 8mm pearls.
She has green eyes and brown hair and a red bathing suit!

Swimming Girl

Detail of back

Swarovski Phone straps

Here are two types of phone straps made on basically the same theme.
One is Blueberry and one is Green Berry! These are made of Swarovski pearls!
The Green Berry Strap has a Brass colored pearl in the center, then green Swarovski bicones are woven around it.

Large Swarovski Pendant Necklace

This is the last project before summer break.... a large Swarovski pendant it woven to smaller Swarovski 4 mm bicones. I made the choker type necklace to hold it.

Detail showing choker

Egyptian Necklace

This is what I call my Egyptian Necklace. Somehow it looks Egyptian to me. A large Swarovski pendant has smaller beads and pearls woven around it. Then it is attached to the chain. Please note that I MADE THE CHAIN!!! I made all those loops before and after the pearls!!

Detail showing chain, better known as wrapped loops
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