Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Version of the Biker's-Chick Ring

I have been studying some online videos and I found this:

The Biker's-Chick Ring.

This is my effort!! I did not find all the same beads as suggested in the video by Beading4perfectionists and I bought the incorrect Montees at first - too flat, too big. I could NOT find the correct type and had to make do with sightly smaller ones that looked similar here in Japan. Also, I like matte black instead of shiny....

I have bought several different colors of montees and plan to make others which I will post as well. I got some really color beads from China in smoky white that would be really cool!!

Go to:http://youtu.be/euozHNDnPlE
to see the video.
Have fun!!

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