Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small Bag

This small bag was the first thing I learned how to make.
I have made many, many of them to give away.
The colors are limited only to my imagination.  About 32 beads are woven together and then folded in two to make the bag shape. Later, 6 beads are added to make the handle.

If you add a strap, you can dangle it from your cell phone!

4mm beads, 3 mm beads, 2.5 mm beads
In the photos below, you can see what happens when smaller beads are used. I first started making these tiny bags using 4mm Swarovski crystal beads. Then I tried 3mm Swarovski, and then 2.5 mm. Boy, those are tiny. I couldn't even see the little holes to put the line in...  And the same number of beads are used in each one!

All kinds of colors can be used.
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