Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is the second bead project I learned how to make. It was difficult to learn because it is three dimensional. You have to weave in the round.... and it is very easy to get lost.

Our teacher called it a "strawberry" because when we did it, the berry part was red and the top was green, like a strawberry.  But we students quickly made lemons, blackberries, oranges or whatever, by changing the colors used!

Again, you can see below the effect of using different sizes when weaving. I made the 3 'strawberries' exactly the same, but, by changing the size of the bead, the finished size is very different.

4 mm beads, 3 mm beads, 2.5 mm beads

woven with round, glass beads

Above, you can see the effect of using non-Swarovski beads. The technique is exactly the same, but the result is very life like. They look very much like blackberries or raspberries. But the Swarovski beads are much easier to weave with. The round beads slop and slid and do not hold together in the same way.
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