Monday, February 13, 2012

A Baroque Bracelet

This is a very fancy bracelet for me with lots of frills but I like wearing it. It has some weight to it.

It has peyote stitch base with lots of loops and additions on top. The beads came in a kit with few instructions. I made up the basic style myself. I love the colors. The cream/white beads are actually more peachy than cream. I probably used 20 feet to thread to make this!

Back - showing Peyote Stitch Base

Front showing loops and additions
I wear it with the leaves up and the big loops facing down. 

You can barely see the tiny freshwater pearl "flowers" near the large beaded flower. The large end clasp is one of my glass beads from India.

I like this loop but it is a tiny big. I may have to add a bead or two to make it smaller.

Detail of the "gold" nuggets "dropped" here and there.

Detail of small Czech flowers

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