Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Question about Color

I have a lovely scarf that I want to use as inspiration for a necklace. But when I take close-up photos of it, with the flash or without the flash, I get different colors. The results are interesting, so I will share them here.

The Scarf

Basically, the scarf is woven loosely on a green base shown above. But there is red-pink, light blue, violet and yellow as well. When I take a "normal" photo, the green background turns a kind of yellow-green, when in reality it looks more like the above detail of the fringe.

With Flash

Without flash

The above two photos are taken of the same area. The actual color is more like the one with the flash, the center "flower" looks more green in "real" life. But the reds seem to show truer in the one without the flash - when you are looking at them in close up, otherwise they look like the one with the flash. It is hard to see, but there is an under weave of the green thread though out the whole piece that only really shows up in a flash. Interesting.

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