Friday, November 16, 2012

Large Chartreuse Beaded Bead!!

This is a large spiral weave beaded bead using 15/0s, 11/0s and 8/0s. I had purchased some beads at a "going out of business" sale. And some of the colors were not my favorites. Like these 11/0 and 8/0 chartreuse beads. I just hated them. They are Miyuki 143F here in Japan.

Why on earth did I buy them, I kept asking myself. It must have been the frenzy from the going out of business sale! Anyway, I put them away for a while and started studying color in an effort to add interest to my bead work. It is easy to work with colors your love, so I gave myself a challenge, to make something using a color I hate! 

The challenge was to use a color that I didn't really like. So I started poking around in my bead stash and found these chartreuse beads again that I simply dislike when I look at them in the container - in fact, I HATED them!! I kicked around a number of ideas and I finally settled on an "Expanded Complementary" color combination! And I was surprised by the result. 
Color Wheel showing an Expanded Complementary for Chartreuse

That is to say:
By mixing them up with some purples and blues and even some reds from the expanded complementary, a really nice combination emerged. I am very, very happy with the colors in this necklace. And you know, by mixing them with other colors, I now actually quite like this combination! It is funny how something I would never buy usually has turned out so nicely.

I made the bead the focal point of this necklace.


The beads used on either side are slightly different to add interest. The heart beads are Czech glass and the other beads are Indian glass. I used Delicas on the chain portions.

..........oh, and by the way, the "going out of business" sale was just a big come-on, a way to get rid of dead stock or something. That company was back in business just as always, the next week!!

You can see some Indian glass beads

You can see some herringbone stitch near the clasp
Spiral weave was used for part of the chain.

This necklace is now a treasured piece for my collection!

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