Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Beaded Bead with Fringe

This bead has three internal layers, the inner most is pink and then a second lt. purple layer and an outer most red layer. It is covered in red fringe! Each piece of fringe is topped with a lt. purple bead. I used 11/0s and 8/0s. The fringe is made with 11/0s.

I am going to weave a "chain" from herringbone stitch with 11/0 iris gold Delica beads and put that through the hole to attach the bead to the chain. As soon as I am finished I will upload that photo as well.

Red Beaded Bead, the crochet needle shows the direction of the hole.
You can see the3 layers before I added the fringe 

After adding the fringe, the bead looks like a red snow ball.

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