Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Beaded Bead

I decided to challenge myself and I picked an oval or egg shaped wooden bead to cover. Boy, it turned out nice.

Here are my supplies. I had planned to use 15/0s but somehow I got side tracked and ended up using 11/0s. I decided to use just the darker blue beads and then I added another color! The initial strip was done in peyote stitch.
 I painted the wooded bead a metallic patina color. I made the initial strip long enough to go around the bead and from then on, I used brick stitch.

I add bright orange/copper beads at the top. And 4 8/0s in an even brighter orange/silver/copper copper to finish one side.

Now I have to do the bottom half. This time, I wanted to add even more of the orange/copper colored beads in an uneven pattern..

All Done

And here is the finished bead. I love the effect of the two colors.
The Finished Bead
 This is the other side.
What kind of bird laid this crazy EGG!

 The other bottom side.

You can see all the sides below.

See how I mixed in a couple of the blue beads in with the orange!!

I am really happy with this bead!

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