Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Making of the Green Meadow Necklace

I took some photos while making this necklace because I wanted to remember what the process was like, so that I could look back at it and get some insights. I hope you can get something out of it too.

Finished Green Meadow Necklace

Free Form Beading

First step, start the free form beading process. Free form beading is done mainly thought inspiration, weaving or sewing beads freely here and there. The part at the back has been sewn tightly to help with support. The part at the front is left loose to make places to add my gems and coral.

loose areas for adding gem stones

tightly sewn areas at the back for support

Auditioning the Gem Stones

Here I am "auditioning" some the gem stones and coral pieces to decide where they should go. This is really a fun part of the process. I could try out all different kinds of arrangements before committing to any one set or style.

some gem stones added to the looser areas
some more gem stones added all over
A different arrangement of gem stones

Close-up detail showing the front part of the necklace

Again, a different arrangement
Another arrangement of gem stones


 The Finished Piece

The finished piece, showing how the work progresses and changes while working on it.
The finished piece. 

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